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We offer £10 off full price when your device has multiple faults!

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Parts Used: NEW


Bigger than previous Note phones in every way, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a larger 6.4-inch screen, heftier 4,000mAh battery, and a massive 1TB of storage option. The already good camera is slightly better, the stereo speakers are a first for the Note, and the Bluetooth-connected S Pen can activate fun customizable shortcuts remotely.


Screen Replacement

If you have a cracked screen, we currently honestly reccomend you return to Samsung store and have this replaced. If your device is under Warranty, Samsung can repair the phone for a fee and you will keep your warranty. Any third party repairs will void your 1 Year Warranty. If you do not wish to go down that route, please do get in contact for a price.


Battery Replacement

The phone is still very new and should not be experiencing any battery problems. If you are, please get in contact with Samsung as the device should still be in its year warranty. They should then replace the device under warranty without charging.


Water Damage

If you have unfortuantely dropped your phone in liquid, Please DO NOT ATTEMPT TO POWER THE DEVICE - SWITCH STRAIGHT OFF AND BRING IT IN. By turning off the device straight away usually protects the components inside. We then strip the device down and put in our liquid remover machine and leave for 24 hours before rebuilding and testing. (A bowl of rice does not work)

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • All Repairs carried out by ourselves are covered for 12 Months warranty. This warranty will cover the part replaced only. All our parts are stamped with our unique logo for future reference if warranty is needed.

    If we repair a device under warranty, the device warranty will not extend except for the part replaced.


Our non-iPhone product prices change regularly due to demand in the market. Please contact us to confirm the price!

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