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Have a faulty device? Find the price below! 

We offer £10 off full price when your device has multiple faults!

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Parts Used: NEW


Time Scale:  Replacements average around 20 minutes.


Battery Replacement

All our batteries are original and not copies. This gives us the satisfaction that we are putting like for like replacements and will not harm the device life span unlike some copies.


Controller Customisation

We have the ability to buy coloured shells and buttons for your controller. If you would like to customise your controllers colour, please get in touch!

Playstation 4 Controller

  • All Repairs carried out by ourselves are covered for 12 Months warranty. This warranty will cover the part replaced only. All our parts are stamped with our unique logo for future reference if warranty is needed.

    If we repair a device under warranty, the device warranty will not extend except for the part replaced.


Our non-iPhone product prices change regularly due to demand in the market. Please contact us to confirm the price!

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